Test this out :

  • Click the window to enable game and sound

  • Point with the mouse the desired direction

  • Use the arrow keys on your keyboard to accelerate

“Glitch City” is a 6-hour production flash desktop game demo I recently built [desktop version only].

I consider creating games a great help for thinking about mobile app XR applications.

The gaming environment offers a multi-disciplinary approach to any sort of problem. Storytelling, 3D Modeling, Animation and Sound turn into a unique gesture, where players subconsciously can contribute to the evolution of the virtual space that has been created.

Here is a short breakdown of what you are currently playing.


Circulation & Camera Motion


Colliders - Accessibility


Scale 1D - Clip Loudness


Rotation - Clip Loudness


If Condition

Simplest prototype scene : here a list of consideration post build.

  • UI simple concern - Mouse click input is not needed to switch a condition.

  • Nesting Conditions - Distance triggers sound -> Sound triggers scale > Scale might be triggering something else.

  • Gaming Environment - City Grid - suggesting the trigger, but not completely.

What might be coming next :

  • Building as colliders > Sound as condition for altering presence of colliders > Spatial boundaries undefined in time.

  • More players. etc.

“ City asset by Anton Moek.

“ Code, Materials, Sound by myself.

“ Tested on Google Chrome and Safari.