“Project in collaboration with  Runze Zhang      Games of Deletion  is a  mixed reality game  based on the additive and subtractive manipulation of an urban environment’s visual information.The game’s visual nature and emphasis on the transformative properties of spatial elements can best be demonstrated through the use of  urban objects found within a city .  The augmented reality game engages multiple players gathered together in front of a series of  urban mural spaces  in Los Angeles.   Murals  are already a form of augmentation of space. Murals create an ideal union between graphic composition and scale  cutting across digital and physical  space.
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 The game/thesis project is a follow up of the original “G.o.D.” story created by us.
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 A special thanks goes to SCI-Arc, Peter Testa, Devyn Weiser and all the collaborators/helpers that shared this amazing journey.
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