Hive is a core architecture studio project. It includes conceptual design and design development phase. Erica LI has been my studio partner from the beginning to the end of the project, Sepideh Emamzadehi and Owen Wang joined during DD phase. 
 The project starts with a scripted manipulation of volumes. After several iterations we picked one configuration and we generate one envelope around the "blocky" volumes. 
 The internal voids generate floor planes and shared spaces between floors. The facade openings are connected with the "unstable" position of the three long exceptional volumes. 
 One of the main element that we were interested in the design development phase has been the roof. The volumes's head generate a wide skylight capturing light for the interior and transforming the rooftop circulation.
 The building exterior skin has been generated and optimized through the use of a custom grasshopper script. We decided to wrap the building with stripes rather than making a continuous facade trying to keep the interior volumes language. (9).gif
 See the complete project  here
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