Credit Images : Dassault Systemes    Founded in 1972, Morphosis is an interdisciplinary practice involved in rigorous design and research that yields innovative, iconic buildings and urban environments. With founder Thom Mayne serving as design director, the firm today consists of a group of more than 60 professionals, who remain committed to the practice of architecture as a collaborative enterprise. [Morphosis Website]  The firm is leader in technology applied to Design.  Interfaces by Morphosis Architects is a mobile AR experience that supplemented Morphosis’ installation for Milan Design Week from April 9 to Aprli 14 in 2019.  Interfaces offers a template of Augmented Reality super-imposed information in space. The app generates a local ecosystem where the user have access to a different range of informations.
 Credit Image : Dassault Systemes
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Concept Art
 Interfaces is the acceptance of virtual space into the design process. Morphosis, is always been a firm focusing on complex built geometry.  In this case, Thom Mayne rejected to show any sort of physical complexity for giving space to the endless and invisible flow of information around us.  Interfaces is the network of information that become physical. The installation expresses the concept in a pure artistic key, leaving room for imagination to the visitors of the Milan Design Week.  An amazing team of designers made this cutting edge pavilion being one of the most interesting objects being exposed during the Design Week.  Kerenza Harris as director of Design and Technology  Eric Meyer as leader of X-Tech and Morphosis Fabrication Lab  Jasmine park as Visualization Director  Danny Ortega as Render generalist  and all the Dassault Systemes group, supporting the Advanced Technology Team of the office through the use of the 3D Experience Platform.
AR prototyping
 What a honor working for Morphosis in my home country and in the city where I pursued my undergraduate studies.
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