Phygital Figures is a Vertical Studio project taught by Peter Testa. The studio denies very formal approach to the project. Like Phigital Samples, the studio starts with a capturing process through augmented reality photogrammetry. (2).gif
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 Virtual property is the first cause of a necessary re-imagination of any architectural process. The threshold between what we consider abstract and not abstract gets suddenly irrelevant. Visual virtual information can assume every kind of shape and transpose every kind of feeling beside actual constructions.  AR design empties actual architecture , or let the actual architecture be an element of a mixed reality composition. 
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 Mixed reality architecture involves possible motion, glitching, abstraction, anti-language, playful applications. The physical is strongly affected from what we can design virtually only. Also, what do we need virtually to be considered ? What kind of design interface could be supporting our ideas ? 
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