The definition of  Holodome  is pretty much included in the name itself.  I have been lucky enough to experiment this technology and build content for a variety of exhibits together with Game Developer  Chris DeLeon  and the push of  Kerenza Harris , Director of Design and Technology at Morphosis.   To create these experiences, Vulcan’s technology team has spent the past four years developing the Holodome from idea to reality. Inside, four 4K projectors built with custom lenses map a seamless viewing experience. Its spheroid (or, pumpkin) shape eliminates any discernable corners, while its meticulously engineered surround sound and vibroacoustics fully engages visitors’ senses. While these are just a few of Holodome’s technical highlights, what’s more impressive is the platform the team has been able to create through their work and how it can move those who experience it. []
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